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Seattle-based artist, photographer, and poet originally from Los Angeles, CA. Three years ago I moved to Seattle to pursue a career as a full-time creator. Most of my day-to-day work consists of documenting and creating stories through design, photography, and writing. Currently, I work for as an experiential designer. Outside of the corporate world, my passion for design led me to start my own freelance business where I mainly focus on brand identity, photography, and visual web design for artists, entrepreneurs, and small business owners around the US.

When I’m not creating with clients, or behind the scenes in my art studio I enjoy reading at local coffee shops, photographing various parts of Seattle, and spending quality time with my family.

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Everyone is creative. All you need

is courage, intention, and an idea.


**Note: offered virtually! anyone can take this course!

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Bring your inspirations to life and learn to use Adobe Illustrator to draw shapes and design logos, flyers, posters, banners, business cards, or any other vector graphics for print or web. Master the essential functions of Adobe InDesign and take on designing a book, wedding invitation, or magazine from start to finish. Whether you are new to the software, getting used to digital illustration, or a more experienced designer brushing up on skills, you will have the opportunity to exercise your creativity while generating a polished final product.

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Monthly Playlist

I love music. Especially music with a message.


So much of my art is inspired by music. You’ll always find me with headphones, listening to my favorite jams. As a highly sensitive person, music speaks directly to my soul. So much in fact that I find myself listening to songs that line up with how I’m feeling during that particular season of my life.

Check out my monthly playlist for vibes of the songs I'm currently listening to.

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